⭐️ Use me (an EXPERIENCED etsy seller) as your VA!

About this Service

You can delegate those time-consuming everyday tasks (that YOU really don't want to be doing) to me - your new Virtual PA

- As a solo-preneur, you can literally double your team size using someone who already knows most of what you do, to run a home-based biz

- I have excellent written English skills (spelling included), for North American, British and antipodean English speaking countries

- I am trustworthy (confidentiality is a must), hard-working, skilled, and focused on making your biz-life easier

- I will use a secure, encrypted VPN service to keep both my etsy shops and yours anonymous, by masking my IP address

Some ideas for what you might want to use me for ::
Internet research
Document / image converting
Manually typing data
Gathering contact details from websites
Proof reading
E-mail writing
Data entry
Copy & Paste
Product listing
Keyword research (SEO)
Data Collection
Excel Data Cleaning
PDF / JPEG content to Excel or Word
Shopify Data Entry
WordPress Data Entry
E-commerce Product Listing
Social Media platform research
Basic photo editing
Basic graphic design
Mockup or image creation using Canva, Picmonkey, Photoshop
... or ask me to carry out your designated task

Hi, I'm Aleta. I have three etsy shops in 2 niches - the oldest is 9 years. I work on my three shops part-time, as well as advising other small business owners. I used to regularly write a blog on natural parenting too and owned our own successful pizza biz in the real world. Additionally I have used Shopify, Wordpress, Oberlo and Wix.

I have my finger on the pulse as to what's working right now on etsy, and am always updating and furthering my knowledge.

  • I'm happy to communicate with you using email or zoom (etc.). Whichever medium you're most comfortable with.

  • I will carry out your task required, without offering my opinion nor giving advice on the task - if that's your preference.

Feel free to contact me to discuss working together in as small or large a capacity as you require.

About the Seller

Memeber since
June, 2021

###**Hi!** My name is **Aleta**, welcome to **Alura Market!** **I'm a self-taught multi-preneur, with 10 years online experience, currently with 3 online + 1 offline businesses. In addition to working as a VA for a number of successful etsy shop owners. I *love* learning and sharing all things owner/operator for small biz**. My brain is full of helpful business tips for **Your** online business. **"Talking business" is one of my absolute passions!** *So far I have helped dozens of online sellers with their branding, new business set up, marketing, social media profiles and further understanding of how to drive traffic to their e-commerce shop and convert those views into sales.* I'm currently part of **two** *etsy mastermind groups* and I'm a **serial** *course, podcast* and *webinar consumer*. I like to learn the newest (*working*!) **e-commerce news & techniques** and to keep up-to-date with current changes and info in the **online business world**. Here on **Alura Market**, I offer a number of services to help you **begin, run and grow** *your own* online biz. - [Optimise Your Etsy Ads To Make More Sales](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451354-optimise-your-etsy-ads-to-make-more-sales) - [Research & provide SEO keywords for your listing category](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451361-i-will-research-and-provide-seo-keywords-for-your-listing-s) - [Full Critique For Your Etsy Shop](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451358-i-will-provide-a-full-critique-for-your-etsy-shop) - [FREE 'suggested reading' book list for Entrepreneurs](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451365-free-suggested-reading-book-list-for-entrepreneurs) - [Full Critique For Your Growing Etsy Shop](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451359-i-will-provide-a-full-critique-for-your-growing-etsy-shop) - [Full Critique For Your Brand New Etsy Shop](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451355-i-will-provide-a-full-critique-for-your-brand-new-etsy-shop) - [Full Critique For Your Craft Supplies Etsy Shop](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451357-i-will-provide-a-full-critique-for-your-craft-supply-etsy-shop) - [Full Critique For Your Print On Demand Etsy Shop](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451360-i-will-provide-a-full-critique-for-your-pod-etsy-shop) - [Optimise 3 of Your Etsy Listings To Make More Sales]-COMING SOON - [Put Together Your Branding portfolio] - COMING SOON - [Work As Your Business VA](https://market.alura.io/en/listings/1451356-use-me-an-experienced-etsy-seller-as-your-va) ##& To help us get to know each other *even better*:: ★ I'm an **Eco-living, Nature loving Mama** of two tween/teen boys, who loves to eat _Good Food_. ★ We're living in the gorgeous sub-tropical *Noosa Hinterland, QLD, Australia*. ★ I've always been creative; cooking and hand-crafting *since childhood*. ★ I may have loved studying *Marine Biology* at University, but have always worked in retail, hospitality and administration. ★ My man (Allan) and I (met in 1997) *travelled the world* for almost **7 years** before settling back in the land of Oz to raise our family. *Pleased to 'meet' you!* and **Thanks for stopping by**.

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Kelly H

Aleta has a great knowledge of Etsy SEO and copywriting. She shared relevant research and provided info on Etsy's updated algorithms that was very helpful for me. She went over and above and delivered a high impact / high quality word file that I am confident will help my store make the needed changes to thrive in Etsy's increasing competitive market! Thanks so much Aleta, I'll be hiring you again.



Published 3 years ago
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$47 /service

You will receive a full hour of my expert help as your virtual assistant
2 Day Delivery
No Revisions
Service Delivery
$135 /service

You will receive a full 3 hours of my expert help as your virtual assistant
3 Day Delivery
No Revisions
Service Delivery
$430 /service

You will receive a full TEN hours of my expert help as your virtual assistant
4 Day Delivery
No Revisions