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About this Service

Etsy SEO help and SEO optimization to help your Etsy shop grow quicker! I specialize in doing keyword research, writing Etsy listings (titles, tags, and descriptions). You love to make, and I'd love to help you grow.

What is your problem:

  • You're not getting enough views?
  • You're not getting enough sales?
  • You're not ranked on the first page?

How I can help:

With experience from selling on Etsy and a digital marketing education, I will help you...

  • rewrite your titles, tags, and descriptions
  • reach not just more potential customers but more qualified customers (the people that want to buy your product)
  • understand how it works (so you can learn a bit, too!)
  • save precious time that you want to use doing what you love...making!

About the Seller

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May, 2022
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$10 /service

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$40 /service

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$80 /service

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