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Get the help you need to start, build, & grow your Etsy business! Join the community for 30 days, 3 months (save 30%), or 1 year (save 50%)

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ACCESS TO THE COMMUNITY HELP FORUM: Get any questions answered at any time. This is a great support system so you don't feel alone. If you have questions about your handmade business, Etsy, or the courses. I want you to be able to get those questions answered. This is a HUGE benefit.

ACCESS TO LIVE MEMBER MONTHLY COACHING CALLS: Tune in live to get your questions answered, hear other questions, and learn from one another. We hold at least 1 call a month, but usually, there are more than that.

ACCESS TO THE ETSY SUCCESS ROADMAP: A plan for Etsy shop owners to get to the top 1% of ALL sellers. Detailed, walkthrough courses, resources, and guides aligned in an easy-to-follow roadmap. Perfect for those looking to start, who just started, or intermediate sellers struggling to get traction in their shop. This is a real plan to build a solid business that will set you up for long-term success. No tricks or gimmicks, just practical strategies that you can immediately implement today to boost your Etsy business. Almost 50 courses in the roadmap (and counting). These are the exact same strategies I have used to grow my Etsy shop to the top 1% with over $400,00 in sales. I want to help you do the same.

ACCESS TO ETSY MARKETING PROMOTIONAL CALENDARS: Get a calendar each month with important holidays, events, and specific marketing strategies you can implement to help your shop's sales.

For more information about Handmade & Beyond please make sure to check out www.handmadeandbeyond.com

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September, 2021

What's up, everyone! I'm LL. Nice to meet you :-) My handmade business and life have been quite a journey so far! I've been selling for over 20 years online through various platforms. It was always a hobby to make some extra cash. I started selling on Etsy 7 years ago and things started off... very slow. I didn't take it serious or really give it the time it deserved. Not to mention I didn't know what I was doing. I spent 2 years messing around like that until I decided one day that I was going to figure this Etsy thing out for real. I spent a lot of time and money learning and finding THE BEST strategies to start implementing in my shop. I had a few shops over the years but my main shop was my clothing company. Once I became more consistent and dove into the deep end, my shop started to grow. I went from making a few hundred dollars a month to $5, 10, 15 thousand a month. In 2018 I retired from my corporate job of 11 years to do Etsy full-time and haven't looked back since! Check out my best-selling Etsy store where I still sell full-time! https://www.etsy.com/shop/livinglimitless Now, my passion is helping other handmade sellers. I see so many other sellers struggling to get their Etsy businesses off the ground. I know that with some help and support they would be unstoppable! This is why in addition to still selling on Etsy & other platforms full-time, I started the Handmade & Beyond Podcast, website, and community. You're not alone and you can get your totally rad handmade business making the extra money you deserve. Maybe you want to pay bills, maybe you want that extra vacation, or maybe you want to do this full-time like me. The opportunity is there for you to grab! Want to join me and hundreds of other Etsy sellers working to grow their businesses online? I'd love to work with you inside the Handmade & Beyond Community! See more at https://www.handmadeandbeyond.com I also have a Handmade & Beyond Podcast to help handmade & Etsy sellers!

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