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What is conversion rate on Etsy?
Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your Etsy shop that complete a purchase out of the total number of visitors to your store.

If you want to calculate your current conversion rate you have to visit your Etsy Shop Manager page. Here you can find all views, visits, orders and revenue.
What Is a Good Conversion Rate for Etsy?
Bear in mind that Etsy conversion rates differ from shop to shop, but also from one product category to another. Moreover, they can be affected by many external factors such as algorithm changes, for example. In general, decent conversion rates should be at least 2-3%, which is the average. If you score more than 4%, your Etsy conversion rates are awesome - keep up the good work!
Tips for Improving your Etsy Conversion Rates

I will do reserch of your shop.

We will make video about your shop and do analytics of your shop .

I will give you after jobs, what you need to do with your shop and will explain where is a problem why you dont have sales.
Will do market reserch.

I will give you DAILY jobs what you need to do for conversion increase.

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