I will send you list of daily jobs what you need to do for sail b

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My name is Janis.
I do digital sales and marketing about 5 years
I am helping company who are selling in Etsy, eBay, Amazon selling platforms.
I want to help you to.
I will send you individual daily jobs for your shop.
It's nothing new that Etsy see all what you do daily.
And if you will do this steps then Etsy algorithm will see that is your shop have some movement, and it will boost you up.
He will see that you are working hard on your shop and products that will give you more priority and searches.

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September, 2021

Hi. I am a Seller in many seller platforms. I can help you with Etsy, Amazon and Ebay :)

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$7.99 /service

List of daily jobs for boosting traffic and sales.
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