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August, 2021

8+ Years of Experience on various e-commerce platforms: Amazon, Etsy, Wallmart

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Professional in Amazon PPC, Product Launch, Product Optimization, and Automation.

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We are New York-based Startup team which already generated over $ 800k sales to our clients, driving external traffic and increasing their conversions.


  • Will help to save time and money, avoiding certain niches and products.

  • Get an edge over competitors using the most efficient PPC campaigns.

  • Will guide with technical tools and secrets, working with flat files.

  • Will assist in opening business in EU market (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain.... Turkey)

  • Will help to protect your listing from competitors.

  • Will build a chatbot to obtain SMART promotions and getting new reviews (with the correct audience)

  • Will grow external traffic to increase SALES chances.

  • Will be using secrets to target the right keywords for targeting the right customers.